Tourist Visa For Australia

Tourist Visa For Australia

The Place

Everyone wants to visit down under once in his or her lifetime, whether it is to see the hopping kangaroos or to simply enjoy an X mas in blazing summer heat. Australia is unique and unusual in any respect. The business opportunities for Asians and especially Southeast Asians, as well as other Oceanic countries, are immense. People know their capital money will not go to waste. They are sure of what is happening and the political scenarios are far from unstable or even radical. Everything about Australia is good and fun, people love their beer.

Tourists applying for visas in Australia need not panic or feel let down or bogged down by unnecessary paperwork or imaginary demons in the name of extraordinary checkings and inspections. If you have nothing to hide, there is nothing to worry about. If you something to worry about, then you are obviously trying to hide. Thus, the people at Australia are very friendly and do not lack respect for cultures and customs, religions and people that are not native to the country.

The People

In fact, most people are very friendly towards foreigners, especially towards south-east Asians too. When people visit Australia they have often reported having found a very warm and enthusiastic, secular and democratic country welcoming them with its arms open wide. The country is known for its deeply ingrained cultural values of faith in tradition and their heritage too. They love their beer and koalas and kangaroos. In fact, most people who visit Australia find themselves enchanted by these benign and beautiful creatures. They are not only unique in the world to this region only but they are also very friendly animals and the only complaint that you may have is that the Koalas are shy!

The Visa

Australia Visitor visa from India are similar to any other First World country visas and are offered under several categories depending on the purpose of the visit of the individual to their country.

  • For Business – If a person visits the country for a business purpose and aims to settle some work in the areas falling under the national borders of the country then the visa for that is different. Under that visa, people are expected to detail the plan of their visit, a few documents and recommendations by the people or organizations they are visiting are also requested by the visa officials. This type of visa is different from usual tourist visa
  • For Tourism – If a person visits the country to enjoy a vacation, visit some members of the family or a friend and has the sole purposes that remain away from any official work such as working on a job while living in Australia then he is given a separate visa. Tourist Visa For Australia is generally referred to as tourist visa.

Priority Consideration in the Visa

In case the person is seeking compassionate or compelling reasons for priority consideration of visa, he is advised to state so forthrightly and his application is processed separately and without any charges beyond the ordinary.

In case however the person wishing to go to Australia from India wants to priority consideration in the visa processing due to some reason, he may pay an extra fee of AUD 1000 or INR 50,500 and get it done in 48 hours. There are terms and conditions to be read clearly before applying to this though.