Nameplates – The First Attraction Of The House!


A name is something that helps in the identification of a particular person. The name makes a person different from another person. Every single achievement in the life is all credited to the name what one has. It is essential to take care of this name and should be given proper attention. When it comes to the nameplate, it is the core part of home accessories. A nameplate is the first thing which a person sees whether it’s a workplace or house, it plays a crucial part. Nameplates show your name along with your success.

There are a lot of designs available in the market. Also, you can customize the name plate according to your requirement. Office nameplates show your personality as well as motivate you to come to the office. There are various materials which can be used to make nameplates. Materials like wood, plastic, metal, and glass are mostly used. They all have different significances like glass nameplates are used for office purposes whereas wooden are recommended for the household purposes.

Apart from the materials, the size, shape, and design are the factors which matter a lot. The way or design your name is written shows your choice. Professionals use a perfect square nameplate for their use. The color is also one of the important factors to choose. But now, Naming house has become very popular. Nameplates are the first attention seeker as it welcomes the guest with beautiful name and design.

In India, most houses are named on holy things as they believe it makes the positive environment. Here are the following points, which one must take care before purchasing a nameplate.

  • If you are searching for a nameplate for your single bedroom house, then you must fix nameplate at the main gate. Whereas, if you have an apartment, then you are recommended to put up a nameplate on the wall beside the door.
  • Don’t name your house by copying a name that already exists in your area or surroundings. You can search for new names on the internet and select an attractive name. Buy nameplates online as some online stores have a huge collection.
  • The font of the name should be right. It should be easily readable. The color of the text, as well as the color of the nameplate, should be chosen by the color of background wall or the main gate. The perfect combination should be made as contrasting colors are more visible.
  • Size is very important. According to the size available; all the information should be legible. If you want to cover the information, then you should choose the proper size of the nameplate. The correct height and width should be chosen.
  • Proper lighting is very important. If the nameplate does not fulfill its purpose, then it is of no use. So, these days built-in-light nameplates are gaining popularity. A small LED provides enough light very economically. This also enhances the looks of nameplates.
  • Weather is a key factor which has to be kept in mind. A nameplate is exposed to all the weather conditions. Thus, it should be weatherproof and heat proof. It means choosing a proper material is mandatory.

Also, terracotta nameplates are available these days. These nameplates look quite fashionable and trendy. Hence, you can choose best terracotta nameplates for your house.