IVF treatment:An Unorthodox Alternative

IVF treatment An Unorthodox Alternative

In vitro fertilisation is one of the various available techniques which can help people who are burdened with fertility problems, have a baby. This is the original “test-tube baby” method. In vitro fertilisation is useful for women with damaged fallopian tubes. IVF is similar to other fertility treatments in the fact that success rate of in vitro fertilisation decreases as the age of the woman exceeds 35. There are not too many side effects of In vitro fertilisation. The most common side effect is multiple pregnancies. Very few of the women undergoing IVF over react to the drugs used but with proper monitoring these risks can be avoided.

Despite all the propagators and promoters of I.V.F crying hoarse about how it is likely to open up new avenues and give hope to huge number of childless couples in India, certain apprehensions remain.  For instance, since there is no legal upper limit for the age of the couple opting for the said treatment, couples conceiving at a relatively older age might not be an ideal surrounding for the child. Also, pregnancy in older woman might lead to serious health deterioration and even at times death. Another social externality of rampant use of I.V.F among otherwise childless couples is that it might show a tendency of reduction in adoption rates. But the fact of the matter is I.V.F is a welcome medical breakthrough.

Pros and cons of IVF

There are a lot of factors to consider before opting for IVF treatment. We can summarise them up as pros and cons of undergoing this particular treatment.


  • In vitro fertilisation significantly raises the pregnancy rates
  • Lower chance of baby being abnormal in case of couples who have a very high chance of giving birth to an abnormal baby under normal circumstances.
  • Sperms or donor eggs can be used such that the child has blood relation to at least one of the parent.
  • Is capable of preventing passing down of genetic diseases


  • Not all medical insurance policies cover IVF
  • IVF is generally successful but it does not have a 100% success rate
  • The medication for fertility is known to have side effects and cause discomfort.
  • The procedure requires multiple (to say the least) doctor visits and can interrupt you daily routine.
  • The chances of having an Ectopic pregnancy is slightly higher in case of IVF

There are a lot of infertility specialists in India and most of them would be able to successfully carry out IVF treatment. If you are unable to conceive a child of your own, it’s best to consult a doctor specialising in infertility. There is no shame in being infertile. It is a disorder like any other. And if having a baby with your significant other is what you want, then IVF is a very good choice. There are very low risks of complications, and if monitored properly has a very high success rate. With IVF, your baby would also share the blood of at least one of the parents’ contrary to a lot of other methods that are prevalent.