Giving Your Heart The Care It Deserves

The heart is perhaps one of the most prized possessions for us humans for it is the very organ which keeps us alive and kicking. Therefore, it is important that we take the optimum care of this organ for without it we would be virtually nothing.

However, there are often chances for several ailments which can arise due to certain complications. In some cases, this is virtually undeniable owing to the fact that we live in a generation where taking the requisite care of our health is not at all that easy. In such cases it is important that we take a heed of the doctors since they are the best chances that we have towards taking good care of ourselves.

The risk of a heart attack

The current lifestyle which includes smoking and alcohol consumption can enhance the chances of a heart attack. Too much of junk food at the same time can also induce more tri-glyceride in the person and bring about subtle changes within the circulatory system.

  • The most common problem from an unhealthy lifestyle is the fact that it can induce blockage within the valves of the heart.
  • This significantly reduces the amount of blood flow from these valves. In turn there is an oxygen deficiency and the clotting of blood is induced. The higher level of cholesterol and tri-glyceride are the leading causes of blockage.
  • With such a clogging taking place, the chances of a heart attack are increased as the blood pressure is significantly increased simultaneously.
  • The lack of oxygen supply to the brain can also cause cerebral oedema leading to further complications.
  • Heart valve replacement surgery is a great way to ensure that the heart is properly functioning, but the heart valve  replacement surgery cost in India is fairly on the higher side.

The best known way to avoid a heart attack and any further complications would be to ensure that the person leads a healthy lifestyle and refrain from too much junk food, alcohol consumption and smoking in the long run. These unhealthy lifestyle ethics are enough to make a person extremely sick, even to potentially fatal extents.

When does one need a surgery?

Once the blockage in the artery and the valves of the heart has gone beyond a certain threshold, this is the period when the patient is at the highest risk of a heart attack. This is the time when a heart valve replacement surgery needs to be taken into account as it is the only way of eliminating the chances of a heart attack.

It is to be noted that the price of heart valve replacement in India is high, especially when operated at the hands of the best doctors across multi-speciality hospitals. But the costs can be significantly reduced if the operation takes placed at non-private medical institutions which also employ some of the best heart surgeons from India.

In either way getting the surgery done at the hands of the best doctor in the circuit is crucial since this is one prospect with which none of us would like to take any chance.