A Comprehensive Guide to the Sewing Machine Types

Sewing Machine Types

There are different types of sewing machines. Each of them is developed to serve specific purposes. In order to get the best output, it is very important that you choose the most suitable type.  This short post introduces you to the common types of sewing machines. Let’s get started, shall we?

Electric Sewing Machine

At the basic level, an electric sewing machine will have a motor. The motor will control the moving parts including needle, bobbin, and feed dogs. The motor could be controlled by using the foot pedal. Most electric sewing machines are provided with several speed options. You can get more speed by pressing the pedal harder. The device will also have a dial, which allows you to choose the size and range of your stitches. Compared to the traditional manual machines, these are a lot faster and more efficient.

Computerized Sewing Machine

Computerized sewing machines are provided with all the features of the electric machines, along with some additional features. As the name suggests, these machines are controlled by a computer. The pre-programmable computer allows you to choose the precise length, width and tension for different stitches. You can provide directions by using the built-in touch pad. The settings are also displayed in the integrated screen. Some advanced models also allow you to load additional features by using your computer. The programmable sewing machine can store your past stitching operations and apply them whenever you want. They are also provided with lots of ready made pattern and stitching style to choose from.

Over locker Sewing Machine

This is a special type of sewing machine which is created to prevent the fabrics from fraying. They are extremely useful for providing a professional look on your finished products. In most instances, the over locker machines are used in conjunction with a regular sewing machine. As they offer only a few features, you can’t use these machines on their own. These machines trim the fabric while sewing, which allows them to neaten the seams. While this could also be done by a regular machine, it is a lot simpler and easier with the over locker machines.It is also possible to extend the features by adding extra attachments.

Manual Sewing Machine

This is the sewing machine which your grandmother used. This basic sewing machine included a hand wheel which you had to turn and use the other hand to push the fabric under the needle. When using this type of sewing machines, you have to be careful about getting frays in your fabric. While these machines definitely have some kind of charm, you should be very careful before choosing a manual sewing machine. You will have a hard time in finding replacement parts and to get any professional servicing.

Concluding Remarks

Among all the different types of sewing machines, you need to find out the best one for your needs. In most cases, you will be able to find out the best one from the above discussion. So, which type is your pick? Let me know in the comments.