What are the best methods to treat cancer?

It is quite miserable that, cancer is turning to be a common disease. On the other side, advanced treatment methods provide good scope for the cancer patients. Yes, at present there are several reputed hospitals to treat cancer with advanced treatment methods at affordable rates. There are several different methods to treat cancer. Some people get relief from cancer with a single treatment. But combination of treatments is used in most of the people. Here are some of the important methods of treatments to treat cancer. The type of treatment depends upon the type of cancer.


This is one of the most sought after methods to treat cancer when it turns to severe stage. In this methods, the surgeon removes the cancer cells or parts from the body through surgery. Surgery is used in different ways in the patient based on the severity of the disease. Proper consultation with the doctor make you know about the surgery methods and the affects you can expect before, after and during the time of surgery. There are best oncologists in India to conduct surgery with best hospital at affordable rates.

Radiation therapy

As the terms suggests, high dosage of radiation is applied to the body parts affected by cancer to kill cancer cells and to shrink tumors. This is also one of the effective treatment methods and is applied in accordance with level of disease and health condition of the patient.


Drugs are used in this treatment to kill the cancer cells. This treatment better suit for the person who are in the initial stages of cancer. Early diagnosis and treatment of cancer with chemotherapy works better for most of the patients. But if the cancer moves to next level, treatment with drugs fail to bring effective results in most of the patients.


This is one of the treatment methods that is used in the initial stages. This can be used as supplementary treatment along with other treatment methods. This treatment promotes the working or boost up the immune system to fight against the cancer cells. Hence this is one of the treatment methods that is used with all most all types of cancer treatment to add speed and effect to the cancer treatment.

Hormone therapy

This therapy or treatment is used to prevent the growth of prostate and breast cancer that make use of hormones to grow. There are cancers that originates in some parts of body and spread to another parts of body. This therapy works better to stop the spreading of cancer.

Targeted therapy

This treatment is conducted to targeted the changes in the cancer cells that promotes the growth, multiplication and spread of cancer cells. This treatment is used with most of the other treatment to boost up the effectiveness of the treatment.

If you feel the symptoms of cancer, then it needs immediate attention from a world best cancer doctor. At present, India is one of the best countries in the world to provide all of the cancer treatments at affordable rates.